Province of Almeria

The province of Almería provides sights which are hard to come by along the Mediterranean coast of Spain. The coastline covers over 100 Km. of untamed coastline, and landscapes of outstanding natural beauty.

The peculiarities of the outstanding landscape and the beautiful Almerían climate have made this province the perfect place to locate a film industry, and this region has played host to quite a few of the most famous filmstars.

The beaches in the east with their nudist spots and the larger tourist centres to the west offer everything you could want. Its outstanding coastline borders along the Cabo de Gata-Níjar Nature Reserve, with its sandy beaches and very secluded coves which in turn are bathed by the warm sea’s of the Mediterranean. The traditional festivities of the Moors and the Christians will transform your relocation to Almería into a wonderful lifestyle.

Almeria province is located to the Southeast Iberian Peninsula, on the shores of the Mediterranean.

It hosts a beautiful coastline with of approximately 200 Km of beaches, stretching from Adra in the west to Pulpí to the east.

Almeria province is host to a dessert so not surprisingly the province enjoys one of the driest and sunniest climates in Spain, while enjoying approximately three hundred and twenty days of sunshine per year and also has the mildest winter temperatures.

Almeria is one of the lesser known provinces of Spain. As such, it remains one of the few areas that remains unspoilt from mass tourism, making it an ideal place to relocate or retire to.

Properties within Almeria vary in prices from the more expensive on the coast to cheaper options inland.

So whatever you are looking for, you have a great choice to choose from.

Whether it is a villa, cortijo, finca or a renovation project, you can buy or rent through Almeria Dream Homes with complete confidence.


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